Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Lander

Land Rover is facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment. First, its activities are focused on the market for 4x4s, a sector which, after several boom years, is less fashionable than it was because of environmental concerns. Second, Land Rover's owner, Ford, is considering several bids for the company, and could end up selling it. Land Rover has always followed the same successful recipe – substantial under-the-skin improvements while retaining the best of its styling themes. This latest version of the Freelander is no exception. It looks similar to the first Freelander in almost every respect but it's a fair bit larger. Drivers have a raised view of the road similar to that offered by the company's larger models, a feature that distances this car from the “soft" off-roaders with which it competes on price. On the road, the Freelander 2 performs well for a vehicle of this type. The strong diesel engine gives it an unexpected liveliness and the well-sorted suspension means this can be exploited to achieve impressive journey times. the top HSE model, carries a list price of more than £30,000. but let's not complain too much because it represents the sort of premium pricing that might allow a new owner of the company to justify keeping production at UK sites. For full details click this link Freelander

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