Monday, August 25, 2008

Email archiving

This is about email archiving. This is for the online corporate data protection. Click here email archives to know more. The link here contains all the useful informations that will be very useful to all. Here you can know about the online backup and recovery solutions for securing your business data. You can meet and exceed your business and IT goals with a range of solutions that help you get the most value from your information. From any stage of its lifecycle it will halo you. That is from universal challenges like business continuity to specialized industry requirements and applications from IBM, Microsoft Exchange or SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP—we’ve got the solution to your business and IT challenges. So start to discover the benefits of Storagepipe's proven solutions—documented, field-tested solutions that deliver proven ROI, reduced risk, and predictable results. The is one of the premier online resources for all the latest buzz in the online backup and hosted storage industry. Storagepipe had been featured in 2 prominent articles appearing in the above link. These are 2 really good reads. So it includes all informations about Storagepipe Solutions and online data backup, offsite data backup, remote data backup and data recovery services & solutions. The article above said is by Storagepipe president Steven Rodin. In it he discusses some of the advantages of working with a backup provider like Storagepipe Solutions.
It is one of the very useful articles. Everyone should read this to know more. 
Data protection is a complex process with multiple steps and despite the best efforts of IT teams, a failure at any step can result in critical data loss and very costly downtime. It will protect your business by delivering: 
Centralized, secure and reliable 24 x 7 x 365 off-site data backup
Archiving data to meet regulatory and policy requirements
Reduced backup windows
Fully automated turn-key solution

Fast and easy data recovery

Improved data protection quality

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