Monday, September 8, 2008

Web hosting

Hi friends! This is about Web hosting. Actually cPanel and WHM 11 brings the most extensive update ever to the cPanel and WHM software package. With upgrades in nearly every section of the product, this version enhances the feature packed, security minded and highly stable platform for web hosting. It is very affordable. Click on this link Affordable Web Hosting UK to know more about this. I hope the above link will be useful and very much helpful to all.Please inform all our friends about this. Visit the site to get all the detailed information about this. It is the premier choice for web hosting administration automation. With tools to keep servers secure, provision customer accounts, transfer accounts from server to server, deploy applications, and much more, your web hosting operation will jump to light speed with cPanel and WHM 11. In the web host manager Resellers also get limited (configurable) access to WHM to create new domain owner accounts, backup accounts, and access to many other tools as determined by the Server Administrator.

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